Great Beginnings to Your Story (Self-Paced)

Every great story opens with opening scenes that pull a reader in and in this class you'll learn exactly how to do just that.

Have you ever had high hopes for a book but not been able to read past the first few pages? The opening to a story is a do or die situation for authors and this class will show you easy to implement techniques to make sure you do that with every story you write.

Some of the topics include-

Why it’s important to have a great beginning.
What makes a powerful opening chapter?
What never to include in your opening chapters.
Creating characters that will pull a reader into a story.
Setting the stage for your story.
Making sure your dialogue sparkles.
Choosing your introductory point of view character.

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Intended Audience: beginning and established writers

Lesson One-Making a Good First Impression
Lesson Two-The Characters in Your Story
Lesson Three-Plotting Your Story
Lesson Four-Dialogue and Point of View
Lesson Five-Pacing
Lesson Six-Setting and time

What's included

  • 6 High quality lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Susan Palmquist


Susan Palmquist is the bestselling author of 100 plus books, including non-fiction, romance and mystery novels. For the last ten years she's been tutoring for an online school and teaching workshops for chapters of The Romance Writer's of America. In 2017 she launched her coaching and mentoring service and runs a writing blog. Find out more at and