Perfecting Your Story (Self-Paced)

This course is for writers who have already finished their story and need some guidance on polishing it before they send it out.

I created this class with three types of writers in mind. One, for the writer who has completed their manuscript but now wants a step by step guide as to how to perfect it before they submit it to a publisher, agent, or even enter it in a contest. Second, someone who’s submitted their manuscript but received a rejection and has no idea what’s wrong with their story. And finally, this is for a writer who who took part in NaNoWriMo and now wants to polish the story they created for it.

I’ve designed this class in a simple format by offering you a series of checklists to work through. Maybe you need to work on all of them or maybe you need to work on something specific like dialogue or your characters don’t seem real. Either way, this system allows you to focus on a particular element and its corresponding checklists.
Each checklist will cover elements of a story that just some tweaking. While others might be larger problems and the reason your story got a rejection letter.

After each lesson, you’ll work get to work on perfecting a different element which includes-

Dialogue/internal thoughts
POV/deep POV
Conflict and Emotion
Narration and Pacing
Self-editing, consistency, and fact checking

Let’s get started…

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Intended Audience: Beginning and established writers, those writers who have finished a short story or novel. Writers wanting to perfect their NaNoWriMo story.

Lesson One-Your Story’s Meaning
Lesson Two-Characters
Lesson Three-Dialogue
Chapter Four-Point of View
Lesson Five-Conflict and Emotion
Lesson Six-Narration and Pacing
Lesson Seven-Editing
Lesson Eight-Making it Perfect

What's included

  • 8 High quality lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Susan Palmquist


Susan Palmquist is the bestselling author of 100 plus books, including non-fiction, romance and mystery novels. For the last ten years she's been tutoring for an online school and teaching workshops for chapters of The Romance Writer's of America. In 2017 she launched her coaching and mentoring service and runs a writing blog. Find out more at and