Self-Publishing Mega Course

Self-publishing has never been easier and in this mega course you'll learn everything you need to know to get started.

Join other Writers Who Now Call Themselves Self Publishers
Have you ever wondered what it's like to self publish your book?

Maybe you've already written it but it's been rejected and now you're considering publishing it yourself?

Perhaps you haven't started work on it but you know already self publishing is for you.

Self publishing is the new in thing in the world of books and in this mega course you'll learn everything about self publishing

You'll learn-

How to do research before you start writing

Setting up a writing and publishing schedule

How to outline your book

How to find reliable editors to make your work shine

Formatting know how's

Creating covers

Pricing  your book

Choosing the right keywords and writing a dazzling description

And finally how to market and promote your book

There's never been a better time to self publish, so why wait...sign up for this course and be on your way to joining other successful authors who also call themselves self publishers too.
Intended Audience: Beginning self publishers

Course Curriculum

Lesson One-Researching Your Book
Lesson 2-Your Writing Schedule
Lesson 3-Outlining and Writing Your Book
Lesson 4-Editing Your Book
Lesson 5-Formatting Your Book
Lesson 6-Making the Perfect Cover
Lesson 7-Pricing
Lesson 8-Keywords and Description
Lesson 9-Marketing
Lesson 10-Promotion

Susan Palmquist


Susan Palmquist is the bestselling author of 100 plus books, including non-fiction, romance and mystery novels. For the last ten years she's been tutoring for an online school and teaching workshops for chapters of The Romance Writer's of America. In 2017 she launched her coaching and mentoring service and runs a writing blog. Find out more at and