Write A Novel In 30 Days (Self-Paced)

Ever thought about writing a novel in a month or even taking the NaNoWriMo challenge then this is the class just for you.

Congratulations on stepping up to the challenge of writing a novel in just 30 days. No small achievement and I hope this class helps you achieve your goal.

Lots of people say they’re going to write a book but very few people actually do it. Whether it’s lack of motivation, lack of a good plot, or simply discovering it’s harder than it seems, lots of writers fall by the wayside and never get back to fulfilling their dream.
Let’s start with a positive attitude by telling yourself, you’re not going to be one of those writers!

Who Will Benefit From This Class?
Many of you might be a regular NaWriNoMo participant and want to take this class before this year’s challenge. Some of you might be attempting the challenge for the first time. Some of you might just want to get more writing done. While others want learn a few tricks and tips to become a productive writer.

Whatever your goal, let’s get started….

If you have any questions about this class please contact Susan at susanpalm2010@gmail.com

Intended Audience: beginning and established writers, people taking the NaNoWriMo challenge

Lesson One-Becoming the Productive Writer
Lesson Two-Getting Ready to Write
Lesson Three-Two Approaches
Lesson Four-The Characters in Your Story
Lesson Five-Dialogue
Lesson Six-POV and Internal Thoughts
Lesson Seven-Narration and Pacing
Lesson Eight-It’s Cheating but You’ll Get Some Writing Done
Lesson Nine-My Top NaNoWriMo Tips
Lesson Ten-Resources

What's included

  • 10 High quality lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Susan Palmquist


Susan Palmquist is the bestselling author of 100 plus books, including non-fiction, romance and mystery novels. For the last ten years she's been tutoring for an online school and teaching workshops for chapters of The Romance Writer's of America. In 2017 she launched her coaching and mentoring service and runs a writing blog. Find out more at www.susanpalmquist.com and www.thiswriterslife.com.