Writing Prompts to Unleash the Muse (Self-Paced)

This class focuses on exercises, ideas and prompts that will hopefully kick-start your muse.

Many of my students have told me they have trouble coming up with ideas for short stories, and even novels too. In fact, a few even asked if I could offer them some clues as to what they should write about.

It got me thinking that perhaps lack of story ideas is the number reason many people, even those with a strong desire to write a book, don’t actually do it. So I began a weekly feature on my writing blog called Monday Writing Prompts (now Wednesday Writing Prompts), and was amazed how many people started following along.

In this class you’ll not only find prompts and ideas, but plot scenarios and story fragments. There’s a lesson where I’ve given you a last, first, and any line to jumpstart your story. I’ve even included a lesson devoted to weird celebration days which I admit was my favorite one to create. To round things off, there are two lessons with attachments containing photos and short action videos to spark even more story ideas.
So if the muse is in need of little coaxing let’s get started-

If you have any questions about this class please contact Susan at susanpalm2010@gmail.com

Intended Audience: Writers and authors, both beginning and established

Lesson 1-Scenarios
Lesson 2-Change the Plot
Lesson 3-Objects
Lesson 4-Movie Titles
Lesson 5-First Line, Last Line, Any Line
Lesson Six-It Takes Place Where?
Lesson Seven-Story Sparks
Lesson 8-Story Fragments
Lesson Nine-Weird Celebration Days
Lesson Ten-If I’d Written the Ending
Lesson Eleven-All Change
Lesson Twelve-Look Who’s Talking?
Lesson 13-Photo Prompts
Lesson 14-Moving Pictures

What's included

  • 14 High quality lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Susan Palmquist


Susan Palmquist is the bestselling author of 100 plus books, including non-fiction, romance and mystery novels. For the last ten years she's been tutoring for an online school and teaching workshops for chapters of The Romance Writer's of America. In 2017 she launched her coaching and mentoring service and runs a writing blog. Find out more at www.susanpalmquist.com and www.thiswriterslife.com.